Roof Repair and Maintenance in Chicago – Should You Fix or Scrap Your Roof?

Should you consider replacing your roof, or can it still be repaired by a reliable roofer? This is a question many Chicago residents and business owners have asked themselves in past years, as both the most innovative roofing installations and the best repair procedures continue to evolve.


Each roof is unique, and you’ll need a valid and thorough estimate before you can be sure on which option to choose. However, it’s usually good to avoid the expensive costs and inconvenience of installing a brand new roof.


Local Roofers and Roof Repair


With most local residents interested in minimizing roofing expenses and maximizing the life of their existing roof, there are many Chicago roofers who have dedicated their businesses to ensuring fast and lasting repairs.


Most experienced Crystal Lake roofers specialize in the whole range of roofing services – roof repair, maintenance and installation for both commercial and residential roofing. Their process of determining what clients require is simple:


  1. As soon as they receive your call, they will send their skilled experts to evaluate your roof.
  2. Upon external and internal evaluation, an estimate will be provided on how much the repairs would cost, and the roofer will tell you whether or not repairing your roof is a feasible enough option.
  3. In case you opt for repairs, the work will likely last one to several days, depending on weather conditions and other complications, while the cost will be a few hundred dollars at most.
  4. Most of the best local roofers in Chicago will also provide you with a maintenance plan to make sure your roof will be given the best chance to a longer life.


Roof repair is often the most practical solution for dealing with problems such as cracked or missing shingles. It can also solve flashing related problems, eliminate most leaks and even prevent further problems in the near future. What roof repair doesn’t do, however, is to save an old roof from being scrapped.


When It’s Time to Scrap Your Old Roof and Install a New One


Chicago roofers typically abide by the philosophy that they should make sure you get the most out of your current roof before they would even recommend installing a new one. However, in some cases, it’s simply no longer a practical solution to keep fixing it – such as when the roof is too old or damaged to be of any more use.


If the decking was severely damaged due to poor workmanship and/or structural integrity problems, there is very little that roofers can do but salvage some of the materials to minimize costs. Other than that, the roof will need to be taken down – either partially or completely – and new decking has to be installed along with brand new shingles or tiles.


Structural damage caused by poor workmanship might not always require your roof to be replaced. In some cases, with added maintenance and a few repair touches every now and again the roof can be kept in good order for a while. However, the long term damage and the constant need for repairs could end up costing you even more than a brand new roof.


It is extremely important to listen to the opinions of several roofing experts before deciding on what to do. However, once you have all the facts you’ll find that the choice itself will not be difficult.