Using the Best Roof Shingles in Arizona – What Are the Pros and Cons?

Are you looking for the ideal type of roof to install? Local Arizona roofers recommend shingle roofing as the most versatile, practical and stylish option for most types of homes, including modern, rustic and traditional styles. Shingle roofing may have some drawbacks, depending on the style, type and workmanship, but overall, it is the best choice both from a practical and monetary standpoint.


Affordable, Stylish and Resilient Shingle Roofing


The best roof shingles in Arizona include asphalt, wood, metal and slate shingles. Although not all of them can be considered ideal for the job of installing a roof that lasts a long time without the need for extensive maintenance, some of them – such as metal and slate – can be extremely durable, while products such as asphalt shingles make for a highly affordable alternative to many other types of roofing.


Shingle roofing can bring many impressive advantages to anyone looking for a high quality roof to protect their home:


  • Diversity is one of the main advantages of shingle roofs. From fiberglass asphalt shingles to slate and metal roofing shingles, they come in all shapes and sizes, and are far more resilient, easy to install and lightweight than many other alternatives.
  • Shingles are inexpensive and don’t require any special coating to look great. They also come in many colors and styling options that are considered fashionable by most Arizona homeowners.
  • A great advantage of using shingles in Arizona is that – with the exception of wood – they are fire and heat-resistant. Compared to most shingles, asphalt fiberglass is designed to be among the most fire-proof.  Easy to install –
  • Synthetic slate, asphalt fiberglass and galvanized metal shingles are among the most inexpensive types of roofing you can find anywhere.
  • Finally, shingle roofing can be found just about any place you look, and even roofing contractors that require less money for an installation job will be able to fit them in quite easily.


Disadvantages of Shingle Roofing


Despite its many advantages, it is no secret that shingle roofing – in most of its forms – doesn’t always last as long as tile roofs or other varieties. Wood and metal shingles are the most durable, lasting between 20 and 50 years, however, most asphalt shingles will be unusable by the time they reach the age of 20.  They are truly some of the best Flagstaff roofing products available today.


Nevertheless, in shingle roofing, as with every other type of roofing out there, the workmanship is decisive in determining whether the roof will last long or not. A well-designed asphalt shingle roof system with additional reinforcements and added protective layers can last for well over 20 years with proper maintenance.


Another challenge is that shingles are subject to discoloration and deformation, especially in sunny Arizona, where the intense sunlight can act as a catalyst for this. Fortunately, shingles are easily replaced, so if you run into this problem it will not take a lot of time or money to remedy it.


Overall, the best roof shingles in Arizona, whether they are made from metal, wood, asphalt or any other material, are well worth considering if you want the most quality for your money.